[LAU] An Anniversary

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Mon May 15 19:53:56 UTC 2017

May 15 2017, Will Godfrey has written:
> https://soundcloud.com/soft-sounds/soft-cheese-aniversary
Happy birthday Will! I'd invite you to share a nice bottle of wine with
me on this beautiful occasion, but your a little young yet. :)

A nice little melody and as ever the sounds are beautiful. I couldn't
tell though where Zyn stopped and Yosh started. :) Please keep on
sharing your music and your code!

I'd like to tka the chance and also thank you for the latest version of
Yoshimi. The MIDI learn feature is fantastic! <3

Best wishes,


When you need someone, you just turn around and I will be there <3

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