[LAU] need just one more d/a output...

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Thu May 18 19:48:38 UTC 2017

On 05/17/2017 08:06 PM, john gibby wrote:
> Hi,
> Just a little question - I have an RME9652 connected to a Tango24 to 
> give me 8 d/a outputs via ADAT; but I really need 9 outputs.  I only 
> really need ONE input, for testing/crossover design.  The 9 outputs I 
> need are:  front L/R low/mid/high, center, L/R surround.

Hmm. You mean you want active three-way on left and right, but run the 
center fullrange? Nothing against passive designs, but I don't think 
it's wise to have a vastly different design for the center (since the 
rest of your mail sounds like you're after high quality and detailed 
control). So maybe upgrade to 16 ADAT outs anyway, to ease the pain of 
missing just one extra out? ;)

I understand you are not going to connect the speakers via ADAT (and if 
you are, you might want to reconsider...), but there's gonna be a DA box 
in between, right?

You could abuse the analog outs, or use the SPDIF out pair for the 
surrounds... if you need sample accuracy in the lab, it might be wise to 
measure as the output latency between ADAT and SPDIF/Analog might 
differ, but in practical use it will be negligible.

> So I'm wondering the nicest way to do get my 9 ADAT outputs.  Maybe I 
> should just look for a good deal on another Tango24... or, get a 
> Behringer 8000 d/a for less money, and use it for the L/R surround 
> channels.

If you go the Behringer way, get the new one (8200 I believe), they 
fixed the power supply, so the thing is less likely to die on you in a 
bad moment...

   Both those options give me 8 more inputs that I don't really
> need right now...  Is there something reasonable I might buy (and sell 
> my Tango24), that has ADAT, with from 10 to 16 outputs and 8 or less 
> inputs?

With these simple options like the ADA 8200, you really can't save much 
by leaving out the inputs. If you want to go up a notch, there's the 
DirectOut Andiamo 2 DA (no inputs), but I guess that thing is around 2k 
euros, and it only takes MADI input. And then there's the Ferrofish 
boxes, quite full-featured with ADAT and MADI I/O in addition to all the 
analog lines.

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