[LAU] Synthesising a midi file with aeolus

Francesco Ariis fa-ml at ariis.it
Sat May 20 10:22:49 UTC 2017

Hello audio users,
    this is a "I have a .mid and I want an .ogg", Aeolus edition.

Longer version: I use Aeolus organ emulator with my midi keyboard and
it works like a charm.
Today I wanted to grab a midi file and make Aeolus play it, recording
the result in an ogg. I managed to do it but boy it was cumbersome;
here is what I did:

    1. aeolus -A
    2. aconnet 14 128 # midi through to aeolus
    3. fire up alsamixer and switch CAPTURE from Front Mic to Stereo Mix
    4. arecord foobar.wav
    5. aplaymidi -p 14 somemidi.mid

Lots of plumbing to do! I am particularly not happy with step 4 (alsamixer)
because I have to do it manually and I cannot just put it in a bash

So I ask to you: "is there a simpler way"? Thanks in advance


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