[LAU] [music] the relief

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Tue May 23 23:12:47 UTC 2017

Hi Ben !

On 05/23/2017 06:53 PM, Benoît Rouits wrote:
> Hello dear list,
> After some silence here, i just wrote this little tune* called
> "The Relief", it is dedicated to the LAU. I hope you will enjoy it!
> As i use to write unfinished short tunes, this falls into this
> category too. So, don't feel frustrated at the end, i told you.
> It only lasts 3 minutes. I used musescore with the Salamander SFZ piano,
> Sonatina double bass, and yoshimi with classical ImpossibleDream patch.
> I recorded it with qjackrcd, orchestrated by qjackctl.

I like it as it is now, but I hope you continue work on it.

> Thank you for listening !
> [*] http://brouits.free.fr/music/exmachina/the_relief.ogg

A pleasure. :)



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