[LAU] changing ulimit from rc.local in order to start audio scripts from there

Athanasios Silis athanasios.silis at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 06:22:02 UTC 2017

Hi all,
I have indeed built a jackd2 without dbus support and this is the one I am

And 70secs didn't help either. I could auto login to my account and start
the audio scripts from xfce startup, but i would like to avoid login if I

I wonder how would they do it in other not so automated distros like Linux
from scratch or Slackware. Would in such distros ulimit be setable from
within rc.local and if so what is stopping it from being setable in Ubuntu
studio as well?

Please also note that I have another audio PC setup in much the same way
already - only diff is that that PC is a jack audio master server - and it
works with audio scripts starting with realtime priority from rc.local!

On 10 Oct 2017 03:02, "Brent Busby" <brent at keycorner.org> wrote:

> Len Ovens <len at ovenwerks.net> writes:
> [...]
> > I do not know if these things will help, I have run a headless session
> > complete with dbus, pulseaudio, jackdbus and various other audio
> > applications... I really didn't need PA and therefore could have run
> > without the dbus stuff. It was more of an experiment to see what I
> > could do and the headless box had less than 1/4Gb of ram anyway, so it
> > was not practical for real use. I should try setting up a headless
> > jackd box on something newer though where I can make real use of it.
> I didn't know that PulseAudio was the only thing that wanted Jack to be
> controlled by DBus.  (Somehow, that's not surprising though.)  I'm not
> using PulseAudio either, so would it be recommended to build jack2 (SMP
> flavor) with no DBus support and just run it as a regular daemon in that
> case?
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