[LAU] JACK netmanger to trigger the execution of a bash script on client connect/disconnect?

Athanasios Silis athanasios.silis at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 11:34:42 UTC 2017

Hi all,
after starting JACK2 manually  (no DBUS, no KX studio session or anything
automatic, other than starting it from /etc/rc.local on boot up) on jack
master server, I also start the netmanager and wait for jack clients to

jack_load netmanager

When clients connect I have them ssh to this jack master server and run a
script about what connections are necessary between the master's sound card
and the client's exposed ports.

This is fine and works if jack clients lose lose connection and have to

This does not work well when something is wrong with the jack master and
the audio is restarted. The clients will reconnect and the client will pop
up (f.e. in qjackctl), but the necessary connections will not be
reestablished. The ideal way to automate this would be to have jack master
take care of all its connections and have netmanager trigger the execution
of a script when a client connects.

How can I do that without using application requiring an X server (thus a
bash script)?? More specifically I want to know how I can trigger a script
that carries out the connections, not what should the script contain...

Thank you in advance for your help!
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