[LAU] Linux-audio-user Digest, Vol 128, Issue 20

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Thu Oct 26 09:09:38 UTC 2017

Jeremy Jongepier <jeremy-ZBSUaDdsfOGukZHgTAicrQ at public.gmane.org>

> On 10/26/2017 09:37 AM, David Kastrup wrote:
>> Can report the same for a Tascam-122L though this uses a special
>> "usbstream" method that is so obscure that you cannot find any
>> documentation for it and need to spell it out in your asoundrc file.
> Some documentation about the usbstream method here:
> https://autostatic.com/2016/01/28/using-the-tascam-us-144mkii-with-linux/

That is surprising, to say the least: it kills the USB2.0 driver in
order to talk just USB1.1.  But I am pretty sure I am using the US-122L
in USB2.0 mode: I am certainly not throwing out the respective drivers
and am recording with high sample and bit rates not likely to work with
USB1.1 speeds.

So if that's correct, the US-144MKII probably switches into some mode
unknown to ALSA in USB2.0 while the US-122L stays workable.

David Kastrup

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