[LAU] trying to get pitch bend to work

Lorenzo Sutton lorenzofsutton at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 12:34:51 UTC 2017


On 04/09/2017 13:09, Bill Purvis wrote:

> a bit on the slim side - about -3500 - +3500 rather than -8192 - + 8191. 
> The problem is
> they have no effect on the synth. I've been using Calf Fluidsynth, but 
> tried the standard
> Fluidsynth and Yoshimi, but with no joy. I have tried patching in midi 
> commands to set the
> pitch bend range to 12 (RPN 0,0, DATA 0,12) and tried the pitch_bend 
> command in the
> standard Fluidsynth but nothing doing not even a semitone shift.

You might have a try with Pure Data, where - for example - scaling the 
range would be quite trivial (although of course you would still be 
losing in 'resolution'). Also you could use it for quickly prototyping 
midi message 'manipulator' patches, for example a while ago I hacked a 
patch to use a Vestax PAD-One controller (which sends note-on messages) 
to send bank and programme changes to yoshimi... and that was done quite 
easily in Pd ;)

My two cents.

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