[LAU] M-Audio Fast Track Pro: unreliable, distorted recording

Tim termtech at rogers.com
Sat Aug 4 21:23:45 CEST 2018

On 08/04/2018 02:32 PM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> On Sat, 4 Aug 2018 13:35:23 -0400, Tim wrote:
>> On 08/04/2018 12:30 PM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
>>> On Sat, 2018-08-04 at 18:18 +0200, Felix Homann wrote:
>>>> Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net> schrieb am Sa., 4. Aug.
>>>> 2018 um 16:08 Uhr:
>>>>> Sure, nowadays the truth is nonsense, alternative facts are
>>>>> better.
>>>> OMG, in your favour, I guess, I better blame that one on the heat.
>>> You talk pretty big for somebody providing programs for schools and
>>> children and at the same time cooperating with companies such as
>>> KOSMOS and Amazon, see http://showlabor.de/ . This is real a red
>>> flag and I'm not the first one mentioning it on this mailing list,
>>> but you ask for doing it again.
>> Ralf that is a low blow, dude. A red card for sure.
>> Completely irrelevant to the thread. Again.
>> You should apologize to the user and to this group.
>> You are a valued contributing member of this group
>>   but holy shit man, get a grip sometimes, will ya?
> On-topic:
> It was not and still is not irrelevant, if a named brand selling
> professional grade mixing consoles, in a completely different price
> range, than that cheap device mentioned here, while the device
> reportedly provides excellent audio quality and it was recommended to
> watch video tutorials, since it's a 'powerful and complex' device, that
> exactly this probably could be a fly in the ointment of this device.
> It's a mixer. While using it via a touch screen, it still
> remains a mixer. I only try to warn, that a good audio quality device,
> for less money could have a pitfall. In my experiences the pitfall
> usually are durability and/or the user interface. If it's recommended
> to watch a video tutorial, how to use a mixer, I indeed would take
> a look, since there should be no need to watch a video or to even read
> a user manual, to use a mixer. If it should be needed, than something
> is fishy with the user interface.

I was not commenting on this.
Point taken, your opinion is valued. As are others' opinions.

It is this which I take offense to:

> Off-topic:
> Yes, I will apologize as soon as other will apologize, too, who
> mentioned the "working with children and propaganda to order kits for
> the kids via Amazon" discrepancy a long time before I did. Actually
> it's related to this thread, since it says much about Felix'
> credibility. I clearly explained the reason for my hint and he started
> an offence and apart from this his offence contains absurd claims
> regarding professional audio gear. Too funny, since I worked for decades
> as professional audio and video engineer and at the moment I've got
> an employment agreement for 1 1/2 years in childcare, with just 5 month
> left. A part of my job in childcare, is exactly doing such work as he
> offers.
> I never was interested in this off-topic talk, my original reply was
> on-topic. I didn't start it!

Bullshit. Yes, you did. When you personally attacked the member
  just for offering his help and opinion. The strongest word used
  was 'nonsense', a word often used around here, including by you.
What makes his opinion so invalid or any less than yours?
You are both professionals with helpful knowledge.

So as we can now see in plain view, you have a history with this
  member and you just let it all spill out right here for no good reason.

Credibility? Holy fuck. This list is about opinions, and helping others.
Whoever can help does so. Readers know to take everything said with a
  grain of salt, no implied warranty. If it helps, great.
This crap does not.


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