[LAU] Live performance gear ideas?

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sat Aug 18 21:31:15 CEST 2018

On Thu, 16 Aug 2018, Karen Lewellen wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I almost put Linux in the subject line,  holding off because there may be 
> non-computer suggestions as well.
> When I do a gig I much prefer live musicians.
> However, once in a while I am in a setting where backing tracks prove most 
> productive.
> What i find recently though is that trusting the playback abilities of a 
> location may be unwise indeed.
> So...the question.
> Ideas on simple as in compact tools,  stand alone units,  computerized or 
> not, that give me the means of performance playback.  Include  ideas for 
> amplification so sound carries too.
> Using a  built in laptop speaker does not cut it if that makes sense 
> smiles.
> I am in Canada with u. s. access.

I would suggest the fishman loudbox:


it is less than 30 pounds, 100 watts, has two mic/instrument channels with 
minimal effects and stereo rca line input. It has mute which can be 
operated via foot switch (effects have switch too). It has balanced line 
out which can dirrect in to any venue that needs that. Stereo in a single 
box is not really stereo :) but at least you don't loose a channel.

This means that you always use the same thing for your voice/backtracks in 
any venue and can dial it in to what you want. The venue just gets one 
line in to deal with.

They are available at L & M in Canada who's warantee is great. I have had 
equipment go bad and they give me a loaner and call when mine is fixed. No 
questions asked.

As for playback itself, a laptop or tablet with the right app will work... 
what you personally are used to is the best choice. An old mouse or 
keyboard can have foot switches wired in for things like next, pause, 
previous, mark or whatever. Or premade units are available for a price. A 
tablet with touch may be just as convenient though... again, what you are 
used to is best.

Len Ovens

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