[LAU] 192kHz soundcard?

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Dec 7 21:46:49 CET 2018

hi all,

i'm looking for a soundcard that can capture at 192kHz, preferably 4
channels (at this samplerate), with phantom power.
the frequency response should be fairly flat up to 85kHz (i'm mainly
interested in the frequency range between 77kHz and 81kHz).

afaik the roland UA-55 (Quad-Capture) both supports the required sr and
its anti-aliasing lowpass doesn't kick out my payload..
the UA-55 seems to be discontinued, but i guess that the UA-1010
(octa-capture) would also have suitable hardware (and is able to capture
4 channels @ 192kHz).
however, from what i've found on various forums, both devices only have
basic support on linux; esp i've read that they are only supposed to run
in 44.1kHz, which - for my use-case - is a show-stopper.

the UA-1010 is about 500€ which is nice enough (i don't think the
project would be able to afford a 1000+€ soundcard).


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