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Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Fri Mar 23 12:36:59 CET 2018

Mar 23 2018, Ede Wolf has written:
> However, all big reverbs I've found so far, do produce lots of kind of 
> rythmic clicking (or audible transients) during playback, thus rendering 
> them unusable. The shorter ones partly work, but I just happen to be 
> looking for large spaces. Cathedrals and the like. Why not the whole 
> universe?
Hm, I haven't worked with IR.lv2 and can't, because of its GUI nature.
But doesn't it also use Fons Adriaensen's convolution engine at its
heart? I do use jconvolver and have used it with openairlib.net's
reverbs. You might check the samplerate of the IRs against your system
setting. I do wonder though, why the shorter ones would work better in
that case. Perhaps a buffer/partitioning problem/setting?

If you're looking for more IRs anyway:
There are a few samplicity IRs, not sure where
and Voxengo has hosted a few IRs by someone named Aleksey.

I also have a lot of older reverbs lying around, which I think I got
from a list of links related to Csound. You might look for gasverket,
Slussen, Templeaukio, Bergamo, Laukyrkan, Dramaten Theater and/or
Drotningholm. With the keywords impulse response/reverb you would
hopefully find the(se) collection(s). There are a few lovely and very
long reverbs amongst the lot. Also jconvolver comes with a few IRs, one
of them being Santa Lucia. If you don't get you fill with that lot,
there are oodleplexes of IRs from Lexicon reverbs, which can be
excellent and some other more vintage effects units. EMT plates, spring
reverbs and more.

Hope that helps. As for the clicks and problems, I'm not really
qualified: but give jconvolver a try, just as something to compare to...

Best wishes and good luck,


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