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> I knew a systems engineer at Oracle who used Solaris with ZFS for an
> 8T or so music file server. He ripped his CD collection onto it, and
> performance was fine. I'm not sure whether he used raidz{1,2} or
> mirroring, but like Joe said, your best bet is to try mirroring.

If the use-case is simply for playing audio files, RAIDZ2 would be OK.
Recording multiple channels into Ardour or a similar DAW would likely be
problematic on RAIDZ2, though.

> I would recommend doing some benchmarking of various
> combinations of md, lvm, and different filesystems with the type of
> workload you intend to use.

Absolutely!  Sizing the ZFS appliance to a workload was always a huge part
of the configuration.  It was always interesting to try and help engineers
explain to managers why their 200TB storage appliance only had less than
half that amount of storage as usable space.

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