[LAU] Default Jack metering (XFCE QJackCTL)

Dale Powell dj_kaza at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 3 14:51:40 CEST 2018

Hi all.

This question is two parts I think really. Hopefully you can help but wondering if anybody uses anything to have a metering app always across their main output. I've been looking at zita-mu1 and which not perfect (I'll go into why later) it could be a contender for this use.

But my session configurations change all the time. I use QJackCTL to start Jack and pretty much everything autoconnects to the main two Jack outputs as expected. How would I change it so that instead of connecting to the System outputs to the audio interface they connect to the input of the MU1? Or is there another way to get it in the permanent signal path between Jack's System outputs and the physical audio interface?

What I find less than ideal about the MU1 is that it is a standard application with only a application window. Is the any Jack capable metering with a Widget for XFCE (either its own widget or works with Notification Area, not with the Indicator Plugin.) Something that will give little VU/PPM bars for left and right channels up on my toolbar and allow the main window to be closed.

Hoping one of you has wanted to solve the same desire.

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