[LAU] Default Jack metering (XFCE QJackCTL)

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Thanks for the response.

I found the option you mean, it is just Monitor rather than H/W Monitor (which I assume would try and set some internal mixer DSP modes of the interface for direct monitoring of inputs.) This is at least one step closer as this I can set up with the Persistent Patchbay to always connect.

Is there no way to have it in the chain before the System output? I would have thought having a plugin host (eg Carla) with a range of basic effects (Compressor, Limiter, EQ, Stereo and Metering) on the permanent output chain might be something people on this list would do. So when changing between studio speakers, headphone and portable speakers you might have different settings for each, or different setting for when say streaming (how many video on Youtube have the audio at the same level) and doing audio production (for examples.) I was thinking more as a basic solution along these lines which I may expand in future. Would this be maybe accomplished with clever editing of Alsa configs (asound.rc etc)?

But thank you for giving me an immediately usable solution for the specific issue I asked about.

Kind regards, Dale.

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> But my session configurations change all the time. I use QJackCTL to start Jack and pretty much everything autoconnects to the main two Jack outputs as expected. How would I change it so that instead of connecting to the System outputs to the audio interface they connect to the input of the MU1? Or is there another way to get it in the permanent signal path between Jack's System outputs and the physical audio interface?

if you enable Hardware Monitoring in Jack, you should get monitor_*
ports. You can use them to read whatever is sent to the hardware

There are several db meters in the KXStudio repos, but I don't know of
one that works in the notification or indicator area.

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