[LAU] MOTU Ultralite AVB - possible to configure two connected devices without 430 EUR switch?

Niklas Reppel nik at parkellipsen.de
Tue Oct 16 09:10:17 CEST 2018

As an alternative, i recently got the Behringer UMC1820. It's 19", but very narrow and pretty light. Doesn't take up much more space than the MOTU if you remove the rack mounts, just in slightly more awkward proportions ... sounds decent and also sells super cheap in Germany.

Am 16. Oktober 2018 01:58:34 MESZ schrieb Hanns Holger Rutz <contact at sciss.de>:
>hi there,
>i found a number of related threads, seems mainly @Anders Hellquist who
>is using connected Ultralite AVB, but with the additional switch.
>i'm trying to determine whether this interface or the slightly cheaper
>mk4 (which has 2 more analog outs as far as i can see) makes sense for
>my setup. i have a performance project where connecting with another
>device makes sense, so i'm tempted into the ultralite AVB. only...
>- manual seems to indicate that you can maximally route 8 channels
>either way, which is a bit silly given that I can already do that
>directly with the two laptops connected and Zita running...
>- also manual suggests that probably i won't be getting the web
>interface served just with USB connection, but only ethernet, so
>catch-22 if i want the two interfaces connected and not spend 430 EUR
>a bloody specialised switch. isn't it possible to set up the interface
>when it's not connected to the second interface and then simply replug
>the ethernet cable? i guess the problem will be that i can tell it to
>send output channels to the other interface which is not yet visible?
>other idea - simply use an off-the-shelf ethernet plug, then disconnect
>the laptop once the web interface is configured?
>ideas? better options for a 9.5" usb CC interface with at least 8i8o
>analog? i'm a happy user of scarlett 18i20, but it's often too big and
>heavy for travel.
>best, ..h.h..

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