[LAU] MOTU Ultralite AVB - possible to configure two connected devices without 430 EUR switch?

Hanns Holger Rutz contact at sciss.de
Tue Oct 16 01:58:34 CEST 2018

hi there,

i found a number of related threads, seems mainly @Anders Hellquist who
is using connected Ultralite AVB, but with the additional switch.

i'm trying to determine whether this interface or the slightly cheaper
mk4 (which has 2 more analog outs as far as i can see) makes sense for
my setup. i have a performance project where connecting with another AVB
device makes sense, so i'm tempted into the ultralite AVB. only...

- manual seems to indicate that you can maximally route 8 channels
either way, which is a bit silly given that I can already do that
directly with the two laptops connected and Zita running...
- also manual suggests that probably i won't be getting the web
interface served just with USB connection, but only ethernet, so
catch-22 if i want the two interfaces connected and not spend 430 EUR on
a bloody specialised switch. isn't it possible to set up the interface
when it's not connected to the second interface and then simply replug
the ethernet cable? i guess the problem will be that i can tell it to
send output channels to the other interface which is not yet visible? or
other idea - simply use an off-the-shelf ethernet plug, then disconnect
the laptop once the web interface is configured?

ideas? better options for a 9.5" usb CC interface with at least 8i8o
analog? i'm a happy user of scarlett 18i20, but it's often too big and
heavy for travel.

best, ..h.h..

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