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On October 29, 2018 12:37:32 AM HST, "Jeanette C." <julien at mail.upb.de> wrote:
> Oct 29 2018, Francesco Ariis has written:
> ...
> > music (synthesizer: aeolus)
> >   
> http://ariis.it/static/articles/renditions/audio/bel-fiore-dan%C3%A7a.ogg
> ...
> Hey hey Francesco,
> nice one. I think it fits the sound of the organ well. But with the
> nature of the organ, I always expected a bit more in the way of
> harmonisation. Seeing that it is a cance and has a very steady rhythm,
> a
> bit more huminsation or variation in the performance might have been
> nice.
> Overall, it has a good vibe, still very midieval. Thanks for sharing.

And a friend of mine who's interest lies in medieval music said that this piece played on keyboard of the time would not have been equal-tempered. Aeolus supports non-equal-tempered tuning, so you might try that option.

I liked the piece, too. Always nice to remember that dance music underlies a lot of music! Thanks for the opportunity to hear your work!

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