[LAU] [Music] Ocean sky (electronica)

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Wed Oct 31 23:11:27 CET 2018

Hey hey,
I just released a new electronic song, though a little more subtle than the 
last ones:
A liquid river between Drum & Bass, trance and EDM. Too slow for one, too fast 
for the other, but mostly soozing and earwormy. :)

On the Linux side I have used Yoshimi for the soft flute like sound and the 
bell-like tones, i.e. in the intro. The ticking clock is sampled into LS, the 
hihats are from the Salamander kkit, the tron choir comes from the 
free Gigatron GIG and the piano is a commercial thing loaded into LS. The 
other synths were hardware. Naturally the mix was immersed in reverb and 
delay, courtesy mostly of Fons' G2verb, CAPS stereo plate and TAP stereo echo. 
Production included Fons' parametric EQ, Invada studio compressro and a bit of 
the TAP limiter. This list is not complete, but covers 80%. :)

As ever feedback is welcome, but ostly enjoy,


  * Website: http://juliencoder.de - for summer is a state of sound
  * SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jeanette_c
  * Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMS4rfGrTwz8W7jhC1Jnv7g
  * GitHub: https://github.com/jeanette-c
  * Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeanette_c_s

I can't believe it's what I see
That the girl in the mirror
The girl in the mirror Is me <3
(Britney Spears)

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