[LAU] [semi-OT] VLC for mobile question

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Yes you can browse to folder and play from VLC on Android, it's a bit clunky though. Personally I prefer Pulsar Player but I don't know if that will be useful for your use but at least it gives Folders as an option from the main menu and not only the sidebar....
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I like Kodi player on android TV boxes, depending on decoder support of course!

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Hey hey,
I know it's not specifically on Linux anymore, but does anyone know fi the VLC
for mobile player can play music based on folders rather than tags? I had a
look, but couldn't find anything on an idevice.

Alternatively: is there perhaps another soltuion for a portable player that
will be mounted on Linux and speak? I had a Rockbox enabled player for a
while, but it's dying and the players that are usable to me and support
Rockbox are a dying breed.

Best wishes and TIA,


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