[LAU] Copyleft Music Made With Linux : Sebkha-Chott last album (oriental avantgarde rock)

ORL - AMMD orl at ammd.net
Tue Aug 6 08:13:09 CEST 2019


Le 05/08/2019 à 19:41, Jeanette C. a écrit :
> Aug 4 2019, ORL - AMMD has written:
> ...
>> https://sebkhachott.bandcamp.com/album/crpts-nd-tpstrz
> ...
> This is fantastic! It's someteims difficult to listen to for me, which
> tells you that I'm getting soft. :) It is very well produced and the
> music... Wow! Pitty that Sebkha Chott is now gone.
> Also, as always, I find your notes/PR very surreal, very fitting in a
> way to the music. :) I enjooyed your albums and the few live pieces that
> I listened to, even without the graphics, although I would have liked to
> experience them.
> Best wishes and thanks,
> Jeanette
Thank you very much for your kind comments.

Just to keep you informed: Sebkha-Chott is now gone, but Plagiat 
(https://plagiat.org) is there to burn the eternal flame of this kind of 
weird-music-played-by-weirdos (even if it's rap-based by now).

All the best.


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