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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Aug 7 09:47:38 CEST 2019

On 8/3/19 8:26 PM, ORL - AMMD wrote:
> Hi!
> Some of you already know Sebkha-Chott, some others don't. For those 
> ones, Sebkha-Chott was a french avantgarde rock band, implying three 
> musicians (2 bass/guitar players, one drummer) and a bunch of free 
> softwares (synths, loopers, samplers, mixers, and even light manager and 
> VJ-ing).

Yes. Love Sebkha-Chott!

> Sebkha-Chott ended up his 15 years story in December 2015.

Bummer. I guess I should stop loving bands. Every time I do, they break up.

> Still we 
> recorded our last album called CRPTS ND TPSTRZ in 2014, and it took some 
> time for me to mix and master it (with ardour), so it's out just by now. 
> It's been thought as a "concerto" between a small acoustic band and very 
> electrised things. It opens on a very light sequence, but there's some 
> harder things to come then...
> You can listen to it here: 
> https://sebkhachott.bandcamp.com/album/crpts-nd-tpstrz

That I will do. And even send money your way! What previous Sebkha 
albums are available?

And check out Plagiat, even though rap is way too old to be considered 

> And you can check the VERY LAST video of Sebkha-Chott here (subtitles in 
> english available): https://vimeo.com/347468468


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