[LAU] jconvolver does not find a running Jack2 server

ORL - AMMD orl at ammd.net
Tue Aug 6 20:39:48 CEST 2019


Le 06/08/2019 à 20:24, Chris Caudle a écrit :
> On Tue, August 6, 2019 12:10 pm, Moshe Werner wrote:
>> Normally I would use Cadence to start Jack
> Checking jconvolver after starting jackd on the command line would give
> indication whether Cadence is starting jackd in an unexpected way.

Yep, could be. Once I got a similar problem (a long time ago), and the 
fact is, I played with the jack server name options, and finally the 
apps couldn't recognize the jack server running (iirc because of that 
jack server name). It might be that Cadence runs jack with a specific 
server name, and that you have to run every app through Cadence.

Another thing I'm thinking of, it might be that Cadence doesn't allow 
self-connection from applications (there is an option in Ladish for 
that, so that you don't have connexions messing up between those made by 
Ladish and those made by the apps themselves). If yes, then maybe 
jconvolver just wants to connect to some jack ports at startup and as 
Cadence doesn't allow it, then it stops.

In both cases, starting with jack in terminal, as Chris said, and 
checking whether you can run jconvolver then will already help avoiding 
some hypothesis.

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