[LAU] Record / playback MIDI through MIDI <--> USB cable?

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Wed Aug 21 13:38:46 CEST 2019

Hi Kevin,
you can familiarise yourself with quite a few of the utilities without your 
keyboard. There are virtual keyboards, usiing either mouse or the computer 
keyboard, IIRC. With aconnect you can list ports and connect them or you use a 
graphical patchbay or MIDI router. You can play MIDI files to a software 
synthesizer like fluidsynth or qsynth (fluid with graphics). I think there's a 
general MIDI soundfont to load so you can mostly get the sound arrangement 
from your home keyboard.

>From what I've heard, I gather that Rosegarden or qtractor are good for all 
kinds of MIDI arranging. sequencer64 from the AUR or non-sequencer or others 
might be better suited to pattern based ideas. Not totally sure.

Midish is good on the commandline. It has a shell-like interface.

Oh: your mio usb-MIDI cable should be automatically detected when plugged in, 
so no need to load anything special or reboot. If it behaves as all the other 
USB -> MIDI adaptors that I've seen, it will be listed with or without an 
attached keyboard or synthesizer.

Best wishes,


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