[LAU] setBfree, using Midi controler 7 to adjust volume - is this possible?

Gerhard Zintel gerhard.zintel at web.de
Sun Aug 25 22:22:06 CEST 2019

Thanks Janette and Robin,

I'm a step further! In qjackctl in the ALSA tab I have to connect my Trinket
Midi device with Midi Through and in the MIDI tab I have to connect system with
setBfree. Afterwards I have to press Ctrl Middle mouse button on the volume
knob and the slider on my Trinket Midi device. Now I can tune the volume with
my external foot pedal.

After exporting the config.cfg I see the two lines

# modificaions on top of default config

Janette is obviously right that this is not the default behaviour.

Thanks again

On Sunday 25 August 2019, Robin Gareus wrote:
> On 8/25/19 8:37 PM, Gerhard Zintel wrote:
> > I'm trying to adjust the overall volume of setBfreeUI sending Midi
> > Control Change Message #7 with different values. Unfortunately setBfree
> > does not react to any of those commands.
> That is odd. CC7 is the default mapping for volume control. (MIDI
> channel 1-3).
> press 'm" to show bindings in the GUI. you can also ctrl+middle-click on
> the knob to learn a new message.
> > BTW: I assumed by clicking Ctrl and middle mouse button on the Volume
> > pot I could send a midi message to tune the slider
> yes, that is correct. It should show "move slider" and wait for input.
> Can you play it? Does the UI highlight keys as you play notes?
> ciao,
> robin
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