[LAU] qjackctl, qmidinet, touchdaw, reaper

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Not an expert on this, but I think you need a "session manager" for this.
The session manager is what saves existing Jack connections / patching as a
"session", s.t. everytime you need to start the combination of independent
Linux Audio applications (that use JACKd), the connections are setup
automagically for you (by the session manager, for the selected session).

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> dear list members,
> I'm trying to have my computer automatically establish a connection
> between qmidinet and qjackctl resp. reaper so that I could just start
> the jack-server via qjackctl, then start reaper and have touchdaw
> working (via qmidinet). the connections can be established very easily,
> only I don't know how to establish that said flow. the issue is that
> qmidinet needs to be started/reseted after jack is up. I thought I just
> use the option in qjackctl to run a script after jack is set up but if
> I put 'qmidinet' here it doesn't work, because of some conflicting
> processes I don't understand so far.
> does anybody of you know what I could do? I thought of a command to
> reset qmidinet just like its gui offers, that would be the easiest and
> a sane way. is there such command?
> thank you very much!
> christoph
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