[LAU] udev rule for running a ALSA to Jack bridge when USB device is plugged in

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Tue Dec 3 19:04:36 CET 2019

On 03.12.19 17:32, Len Ovens wrote:
> On Tue, 3 Dec 2019, Max wrote:
>> I was trying to create a udev rule to start a zita-a2j ALSA to Jack 
>> bridge automatically if i plug in a specific USB device.
>> Has anyone succeeded doing something like this?
>> One issue is that the user is wrong, udev rules are not launched by 
>> the user account.
> I chose the other route and listen to the system side of dbus for the 
> right signal. This does mean there has to be something running to 
> monitor dbus. The up side is that daemon also knows that jack is 
> actually running and so only starts zita-ajbridge if there is a jack to 
> work with.

Ah, that's interesting. I'm curious about the approach but have no idea 
where you would install such a dbus listening script. Would it be 
possible to be a bit more specific or even share such script for 
everyone to adapt?


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