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Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Mon Dec 16 16:16:12 CET 2019

Greetings !

Thank you to everyone who listened to my little music and replied to my 
post. I'll cover your questions and issues here.

Louigi Verona wrote:

 > Went through many of your patches on your YouTube channel. Amazing stuff.
 > I do have one question, though. How do you make VCVRack run on Linux? I

Thanks for checking out my YT channel, Louigi. Much of what's posted 
there is experimental and/or tutorial for my purposes. There are some 
"compositions" but I find that the environment favors exploration of 
synthesis methods, generative music concepts, and some unique 
performance aspects.

I can't imagine what's happening with Rack on your system. I know that 
you run a configured system, so there must be a missing piece somewhere.

For the sake of comparison here's my hardware specs:

AMD FX6300 6-core CPU
16 GB memory
fast large HD
M-Audio Delta 66 audio interface
UA25 (for MIDI interface)
nVidia chipset graphics board

And the software specs:

Fedora 23
Planet CCRMA rt kernel
nVidia proprietary driver
CPU governor set to full performance

Rack wants a specific level of support for OpenGL but I don't think it's 
an uncommon or unusual version.

Paul Davis wrote:

 > Just for reference, I installed the prebuilt version from the 
website. Works flawlessly here unless the DSP load (or some other system 
load) is very high.
 > Note that the internal engineering of VCV Rack is utterly and 
completely wrong, but nevertheless manages to be one of the best pieces 
of audio software (and certainly among the very best open source pieces) 
from a user perspective.
 > Nevertheless, the internal engineering issues are going to make it 
more likely to glitch than your average JACK client,

Probably the most glaring problem is its "reliance" (for lack of a 
better term) on a single CPU core. Yes, it supports multicore, but 
unlike Ardour or the u-he plugins performance takes a hit when multiple 
cores are selected. I still find my best performance capacity by staying 
with a single core. I'm reading bits and pieces that imply tyhat v2 will 
have a rewritten engine with much better latency and better all-around 
performance. V2 is expected by early 2020.

Btw, the result of the limited core performance is a restriction on my 
patch size/complexity. I've hit the wall many times, something you might 
not expect from a 3.5 GHz CPU. Meanwhile users with Intel CPUs report 
much better performance, apparently due to the Intel architecture.

Jeanette C. wrote:

 > I love the sound that meanders between the metallic bell like tone and
 > the almost format timbre. What sweet sounds!

Thanks, J ! I confess I'm totally fascinated by the sonic variety 
available on the Rack. Which is a good thing, I guess, since typically 
there are no presets for the modules, i.e. I have to program just about 
everything. Like Csound. :)

I've tried a number of strategies for making music with the Rack. I've 
sync'd it with DAWs, routed external instruments and vocals into it for 
extended processing, used it as a standalone synthesizer under external 
MIDI control, and I've written a short-ton of generative patches for it. 
It is a fascinating environment, and it has the great virtue of being 
eminently affordable when compared to its hardware counterparts (and its 
software competition).

Again, my thanks to all who have listened to the piece and to those who 
have replied to my note. If you'd like to hear more of my music made 
with VCV Rack please visit my YouTube channel at 

Best regards,


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