[LAU] how to match tempos

wferi at niif.hu wferi at niif.hu
Thu Feb 7 21:34:11 CET 2019


Suppose I've got recordings of two live performances of some piece.  I'd
like to mix them but their tempo is slightly different and each one also
varies naturally.  What is a good workflow for time-stretching one of
the recordings to match the tempo of the other?  For example I could
create a series of tempo ramps in Ardour to align the metronome clicks,
but how do I proceed from there?  Slicing up the other recording at each
bar and time-stretching the slices manually to match the tempo bars sort
of works, but it's rather cumbersome and misses the "ramp" part.  I'd
rather create both "tempo maps" and have some tool do the appropriate
ramped time-stretching for the full piece in one step.  Does anything
like that exist?  Or can you recommend a more practical approach?

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