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Ha! Funny timing

I literally just bought a cheap 7 port usb hub off ebay and then wired it
to be powered externally by a powerbank (I use a 10000 mah 2.4 amp anker
that works more than sufficiently for my purposes, and assuming your midi
devices arent drawing crazy amounts of power that should be good for you

I got the idea from external harddrives that have y splitter cables

If you desolder the 5v pin from the usb cable on the usb hub, it will no
longer be powered by your computers usb port, but can still communicate
with it (keep the gnd connected!). Then you can either solder on a port or
a wire(I used a wire since i dont have many micro USB ports on hand which I
would have preferred, and connect it to a power bank. Woila! Rechargeable
battery powered usb hub in 5 minutes

Note: some powerbanks have auto shutoffs if not enough current is drawn. My
power bank uses leds and the lights were enough to keep it on without any

I also forgot, i wanted to put a switch in so I could still the hub to
connect (fewer devices) but still use my laptops usb power, so I dont
already need the power bank.

I'll bring it to dorkbot tomorrow and do that there if you want to see it
in person! Otherwise heres a simple instructions that you can modify if you
want to use a powerbank like me


I couldnt confirm this but based on my raspberry pi usage in the past,
should be safe to use most powerbanks as my assumption is that they are
regulated power supplies. Anyone else with any insights id be glad to hear
if theres an unforeseen potential danger here but worst case scenario is
you dont get quite enough power to all of your devices

Best of luck


On Sun, Jan 20, 2019, 8:37 AM Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net

> On Sun, 20 Jan 2019 15:47:26 +0100 (CET), Jeanette C. wrote:
> >8-port USB hub
> Reichelt sells an active 10-Port and 28-Port USB hub. What you order on
> Monday morning usually gets delivered at Tuesday. Within 14 days you
> could test it and return it for free, if it shouldn't satisfy you. You
> would get the money back for the USB hub, but not the 5,60 € shipping
> cost.
> 10-Port
> English
> https://www.reichelt.com/de/en/delock-usb-2-0-10-port-hub-2-0-with-power-supply-unit-delock-61857-p108800.html?&trstct=pol_7
> German
> https://www.reichelt.com/de/de/de/en/delock-usb-2-0-10-port-hub-2-0-mit-netzteil-delock-61857-p108800.html?GROUPID=6906&START=0&OFFSET=16&SID=96XESdZKwQAT4AAGdwyYs8f6e0329ee2f1322451f945bbed4625a&&r=1
> 28-Port
> English
> https://www.reichelt.com/de/en/de/de/28-port-usb-3-0-2-0-hub-man-163606-p217630.html?GROUPID=6906&START=0&OFFSET=16&SID=93XESZ7awQAT8AAHHDn5U137ef639494fefb66d60bed863402783&&r=1
> German
> https://www.reichelt.com/de/de/28-port-usb-3-0-2-0-hub-mit-netzteil-man-163606-p217630.html?&trstct=pos_1
> I don't have experiences with such a hub, I only plan to use a cheap,
> but good active 4-Port USB hub, to only connect one device to it,
> since my new computer can't power a Korg nanoKontrol with a 3 m USB
> cable. My old computer had no issues doing it. Originally I used it to
> connect a Presonus audio interface to an iPad, but I returned the
> Presonus and bought a Focusrite, which works without an USB hub.
> The 4-Port device is really inexpensive.
> English
> https://www.reichelt.com/de/en/de/de/usb-2-0-4-port-hub-with-power-supply-unit-delock-61393-p73906.html?GROUPID=6906&START=0&OFFSET=16&SID=96XESdZKwQAT4AAGdwyYs8f6e0329ee2f1322451f945bbed4625a&&r=1
> German
> https://www.reichelt.com/de/de/usb2-4-port-hub-2-0-mit-netzteil-delock-61393-p73906.html?&trstct=pol_3
> There is a 7-port USB hub.
> English
> https://www.reichelt.com/de/en/usb-2-0-7-port-hub-with-power-supply-unit-black-d-link-dub-h7-p131488.html?&trstct=pol_2
> German
> https://www.reichelt.com/de/de/de/en/usb-2-0-7-port-hub-mit-netzteil-schwarz-d-link-dub-h7-p131488.html?GROUPID=6906&START=0&OFFSET=16&SID=96XESdZKwQAT4AAGdwyYs8f6e0329ee2f1322451f945bbed4625a&&r=1
> They might sell other >= 8-Port hubs, too, the search engine not
> necessarily works, it could be worth to just search for USB hubs,
> without mentioning the number of desired ports and to skim the pages.
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