[LAU] systemd woes with jackd and its permissions (raspbian)

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Thu Jan 31 15:18:32 CET 2019

David Runge <dave at sleepmap.de> writes:

> Regarding your attempt of making this about some sort of free speech
> issue: "anti-systemd", "anti-devuan", "anti-whatever" are all a
> symptom of treating a piece of software (or a distribution) like a
> religion.

Actually, I'd very much like to treat systemd less like a religion and
more like software.  However, its documentation is so abysmally lousy
and non-standard that to achieve anything, you have to ask some of its
practitioners for a recipe.  You won't find anything useful to that
purpose in the man pages or other installable documentation sources.

> This is not what this mailing list is about. It's about helping users
> of free audio software with their setup, work flow, etc. and not about
> your or anyone's personal issues. Please, stop using it as your
> dumping ground.

Mailing lists are not really for hand-holding every single user through
stuff that should be properly documented in the first place.  For
software-specific mailing lists, when they are used for that purpose
that has the side effect of the developers eventually getting tired and
choosing to improve the documentation instead or making use of the
program more simple.  That won't be the case with systemd on this list
because this list is not where the systemd developers live.

There is not much sense in starting a rant every time nevertheless.  But
systemd has a lot of its religious-war starting potential exactly
because it, like a religion, wants initiation.  You cannot command its
services without getting help by other practitioners.

In contrast, the SysV Init system is more a set of conventions about
where to write what scripts than actual software.  You can make changes
to it rather transparently and rather fast without knowledge exceeding
what you'd need for using/running UNIX anyway.  And its documented in
man pages, so it does not similarly divide the world into its disciples
and others.

For maintaining small embedded systems where one person is mainly
responsible for keeping the whole thing working, that's an advantage.

David Kastrup

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