[LAU] Some Linux related music stuff

Jostein Chr. Andersen jostein at vivaldi.net
Mon Jun 3 20:05:54 CEST 2019

On 2019-06-03 19:08, Christopher Arndt wrote:
> Am 03.06.19 um 10:19 schrieb Jeanette C.:
>> Jun 2 2019, Jostein Chr. Andersen has written:
>>> Malin Larsson: Hälsingevalsen
> A beautiful song indeed, but I must admit, that I found the mix too 
> dry;
> to the point that the guitar panned to the sides was distracting. I
> think a few staggered reverbs would help creating a better depth
> layering of instruments.

Thanks for your comments!  It's one guitar to the left and one mandolin 
to the right, the guitar is panned 11 o'clock and the mandolin 1-2 
o'clock. :-)


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