[LAU] different soundcards for in/out in alsa vs. jack

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Tue Jun 4 17:24:14 CEST 2019

On Tue, 4 Jun 2019, Max wrote:

> $ zita-a2j -d tickle

Won't work

> $ zita-a2j -d hw:tickle
> Can't open ALSA capture device 'hw:tickle'.

I am surprised that won't work

> finally:
> zita-a2j -d hw:tickle -c 1 -r 44100
> Starting synchronisation.

It is possible you have a 44k1 only device that won't work ay 48k (the 
default) but that would be surprising too as 48k is the standard in so 
many places (broadcast and video). The -c parameter can be higher than the 
number of available channels, at least I have used -c 100 where I didn't 
know in advance. So the default -c2 should not have been a problem.

All that aside, I personally prefer to assign as many parameters as 
possible if for no other reason than self documentation. I normally start 
zita-ajbridge in a script and by putting in all parameters I don't have to 
remember the defaults but can just read my settings straight from my 
commandline two years down the road. The man page does list the the 
default values and the only one that should need to be set is -d (default 
none). There is a recomendation that -p be less than jack is using to keep 
latency as close to jack as possible. Half of jack's period seems to work 
well, down to the device's limit. (that is for HDMI it may actually be 

Len Ovens

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