[LAU] Command-line render a MIDI file with a VST instrument?

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Thu Mar 14 17:01:48 CET 2019

Mar 14 2019, Mark Raynsford has written:
> Given a MIDI file that contains a single channel containing
> eight one-second notes, I'd like to be able to instantiate a VST plugin,
> load a preset into it, pass the MIDI file through it, and record the
> output to an audio file without any leading or trailing silence.
Hi Mark,
Csound can do it, but you also need the VST4CS opcodes, that are
currently provided separately in binary form, since the issue with the
Admittedly, Csound is not the easiest - nor the most devilishly complex
- tool to use. I can't supply code to do it right here and now, but:
1. Csound can read a score from a MIDI file
2. Csound can output to a lot of audio file formats (if necessary
specified on the commandline)
3. The vstinit
vst_info, vstnote, vstparamset, vstparamget and vstprogset documentation
still available on this version of the Csound manual:
should contain enough of an example to move in the right direction.

Another idea: if your setup allows to load one specific VST plugin with
some GUI program, if that is enough, you could choose your MIDI player
and audio recorder on the commandline. There are enough of those, that
could even work together, using some kind of transport, mostly MMC/MTC,
some JACK transport.

Best wishes,


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