[LAU] sound devices usb pre 2. usb 2 with 96k

olaf at klingt.org olaf at klingt.org
Sat Mar 16 23:46:09 CET 2019

On 16/03/2019 22:52, Chris Caudle wrote:
> On Sat, March 16, 2019 12:38 pm, olaf at klingt.org wrote:
>> At least that is how it seems to be in this case with this device. (but I
>> think i had 96k running even on usb1 devices before)
> Did you hold down input 1 source select when you started the device?  The
> quick start guide indicates that will force the device into full speed
> mode (i.e. 12Mb/s USB 1 speed rather than 480Mb/s USB 2 high speed).
> The Sound Devices information seems out of date, the documentation
> indicates that linux will only support full speed mode, but I think that
> is not correct.  If you held down input 1 select when powering on to force
> full speed mode, do not do that, let the device initialize in high speed
> mode.  Linux USB driver has supported USB 2 audio class and high speed
> mode for quite a long time.

The output I posted is in USB 2 mode.

I realized this too after reading the manual. And looked at the 
different output of lsusb -t (the difference is only the indication as 
you say 12MB/s vs 480MB/s)

I should inform them to update the manual.

I realized there is also a alsa mailing list. I guess to evaluate if 
there are possibilities to improve the driver I should go there.

thanks for all the comments.

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