[LAU] How to get a persistent midi instrument source port? ( lightweight )

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Sun Mar 24 11:45:54 CET 2019

Hey there,
do you need your MIDI instrument ports a lot with only JACK aware 
applications? If not, would it be convenient to stop JACK using the ALSA 
hardware ports? If so, you could let your instruments appear as ALSA sequencer 
ports. There are programs to bridge between ALSA and JACK and vice versa. In 
JACK and ALSA they offer a port. So in ALSA you can autoconnect your 
instrument ports to the ALSA JACK bridge and in JACK your program can 
statically feed from the JACK port of that bridge. If you need to send data 
back to your instruments, run the JACK ALSA bridge, which works the same way.


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