[LAU] Streaming low-latency bi-directional audio between Android 4.x and a Linux desktop

Stuart Longland stuartl at longlandclan.id.au
Sun Nov 3 06:43:13 CET 2019

On 3/11/19 2:28 pm, Stuart Longland wrote:
>> Mummble? There are more than one mummble clients avaiable for android
>> and of course linux as well.
> Ahh okay, yes, I could try that.  I actually have plumble installed on
> this phone already (for a different task), but I'll give that a shot.

Right, so just gave this a try… and after adjusting the bit rate, I
could get reasonable quality audio, but the client only seems to support
mono transmission.  I think this might be an architectural limitation of
Mumble (understandable given its use case).

Stereo would be preferable and should be doable, yes this doubles the
audio rate, but even 11Mbps WiFi should keep up.  Audio codec wise
though, it's better than I expected for a VoIP application, but the
channel count is a no-go here.
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