[LAU] LinuxSampler SFZ questions

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Mon Nov 18 23:15:33 CET 2019

Hey hey,
after a long time I have just gone back to the LS SFZ documentation and found 
it to be quite powerful and feature rich. But there are two questions I 
haven't been able to solve yet:
1. Does the osccilator keyword really work and if so in which section (global, 
group, region,...)? I get asn error message using it with LinuxSampler 2.1.1 
(the ArchLinux package).
2. The waveguide keyword: how are other audio sources sent to it? By 
lokey-hikey definitions or does a group have to have two regions with a sample 
as source and a sample as waveguide?

As a question of secondary importance: in conjunction with the wavetable 
oscillator is the oscillator_table_size honoured? I tried it with the 
Adventure Kid WaveForms (AKWF www.adventurekid.se) and set it to 600 (600 
samples per wave cycle), but still had to tune the resulting sample 
accordingly by two semitones and a few cents.

Best wishes and many thanks,


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