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Anders Hellquist lau at hellquist.net
Sun Nov 24 21:30:22 CET 2019

If you are thinking of using the audio interface also as a CV controller,
note that both Motu AVB interfaces and some Presonus interfaces are
DC-coupled and can be used as CV interfaces as well as multi channel units
(at the same time). Other cards might do DC as well-
Very good onboard routing/mixing capabilities on the Motu devices.

Just another 2c take on the subject since Eurorack people might need/want
CV more than other people, I guess


Den sön 24 nov. 2019 kl 20:10 skrev David Kastrup <dak at gnu.org>:

> Mario Lang <mlang at delysid.org> writes:
> > Hi.
> >
> > For years, I used an RME HammerFall under Linux.  I love this card, but
> > I finally goota say goodbye to PCI.  What USB/ThunderBolt multichannel
> > card with mixing/routing capabilities would you recommend?
> There is the RME Multiface which you likely could use via ThunderBolt to
> Expresscard adapter.  Whether to bother with something that old is
> another question.
> > I have been out of the loop regarding semipro soundcard for many years
> > now, so I would be happy about some tips that get me started on
> > choosing a device.  I mostly need analog channels.  Ideally with a lot
> > of headroom, since I might be feeding it with quite hot signals
> > (eurorack).  I have heard there are also mixers these days that work
> > as a multichannel soundcards.
> Most of the time I use an Onyx 1620 mixer with Firewire card.  The
> "newer" variants of those mixers have an i after their number (like Onyx
> 1620i) and come with Firewire built-in (and, except for the largest one,
> the 1640i, no longer with balanced recording outputs for separate analog
> recording pre-fader).  You'd need a Thunderbolt-to-Firewire interface,
> of course.  I use a built-in Firewire with my T420 but it does not come
> standard (I got it for about EUR10 and threw out the landline modem for
> that).
> The Onyx mixers are nice, but Firewire is not exactly new, and it was
> not exactly new when Linux changed to a new Firewire stack so older
> Expresscard adapters may actually have buggy support in spite of their
> age.
> I think I have an Onyx 400F here that is just a mic interface.  I
> strongly recommend against it in spite of its nicer portability: the DSP
> on it tends to die and there are lots of reports of it bricking.  Mine
> did.  No idea whether the comparatively new Linux ALSA software had
> something to do with it.
> Basically if you go for a Mackie, I'd take one of the mixers rather than
> the interface-only things.
> RME has more modern interfaces (like the Babyface) but I am not sure
> what their actual multichannel offerings are.
> > Maybe that might be interesting.  However, I will only be using it
> > with linux, so I am really looking for something that is known to work
> > nicely.  Will be using it with JACK and SuperCollider.
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