[LAU] Input to aplay to make a file instead?

John Murphy rosegardener at freeode.co.uk
Sat Apr 18 15:32:28 CEST 2020

On Sat, 18 Apr 2020 14:09:22 +0200 Arnold Krille wrote:

> Hi,
> maybe I can give you a new view on your problem: If I understand you
> right, you want to extract parts of audio files and merge them into a
> new file?

That's right, but I should explain...

> Apart from the obvious answer "That is what a DAW does!" [1], maybe
> instead of "play parts of files into another file" you can search the
> available commands for "extract", "split", "merge" and "append"? Throw
> "convert" into the mix…

How well I remember doing so many years ago. There's only one, long
forgotten Windows DAW which works the way I do, but, more recently,
a C programmer (Sed) wrote the utterly brilliant program 'audiotag' *,
with which I can use the pointer right where the zoomed in (by scroll
wheel) visualisation of the wave is and a left click sets a marker,
which can then become the beginning or end of a new region. Right
click plays from that marker (or stops, if playing).

A new line of information is output when a new region is created and
those lines can be assembled into a playlist file. They look like:

REGION "/home/john/0WAVs/louder/Fri0304.wav" 00:00:01.14181 00:00:05.07359 (saved 2020 04 18 T 10 40 25)

Having tried sox and lame using the 'dump' program (which Sed gave
me to play the regions) via aplay - I think you're right that a new
approach would be better. Could parse those lines in Python :)

* http://sed.free.fr/audiotag/ (although 'dump' isn't with it)

> [1]: Ardour, audacity and others are gui-tools fulfilling this. I also
> remember ecasound and nama
> (https://freeshell.de/~bolangi/cgi1/nama.cgi/00home.html) to be command
> line DAWs.
> Maybe that helps?

It does. Thank you.


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