[LAU] [OT] Future of Music Distribution (and examples?)

Mario Lang mlang at blind.guru
Fri Aug 28 09:38:25 CEST 2020

"Andrew A. Grathwohl" <andrew at grathwohl.me> writes:

> I've begun to wonder if solutions like mine could be the foundation for a new
> kind of music distribution approach - perhaps one where musicians maintain
> podcast feeds, where monetization vectors are much more profitable and much more
> flexible for individuals to exercise without betraying their own values.

There is one aspect of todays systems which this self-hosting method
does not cover at all.  Discoverability.  Related artists,
suggested tracks.  These are pretty valuable since you can pick up new
fans of your work pretty much without having to promote your stuff.
This is one of the main reasons why YouTube alternatives have a very
hard time getting off the ground.

And yes, BandCamp is pretty nice!  I can even stream my BandCamp
collection[1] on my Sonos speakers, which is pretty cool.

[1] https://bandcamp.com/delYsid


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