[LAU] linux sound frontend (?) combining pulse and jack?

Roger gurusonic at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 22:24:49 CET 2020

On 22/12/20 7:39 am, soffioalcuore at posteo.net wrote:
> thanks Goran and Will, that's it!
> also thanks David, but I don't have problems with jack and pulse, I 
> was just curious about pipewire's state and progress.
> is anybody of you dear list members using pipewire already or has made 
> any experience with it?

There's a topic at Linux Musicians forum asking for testers. IIRC 
several people have tried it with some degree of success and posted but 
no-one has adopted it for everyday use yet. Pipewire is still in alpha 
stage so has some work to go to be safe for production. Apparently they 
are pushing for it to be included in the next Fedora release.

I also have JACK and PulseAudio working quite well so won't be an early 
adopter, especially with memories of PA being a PITA when it was first 
adopted by mainstream distros. PA and its interoperability with JACK 
have improved markedly since then.

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