[LAU] [Music+Video] "Music Ain't For Airports"

Andrew A. Grathwohl andrew at grathwohl.me
Sun Feb 2 19:30:28 CET 2020

I'd like to share with all my fellow linux audio peers, "Music Ain't For

It's a piece I composed for solo violin plus live electroacoustic
software (SuperCollider). All the sounds are made in real-time and there
are no edits, mixing, or post-production after the fact. The video, too,
was created by configuring my software to output FFmpeg
`-filter_complex` strings that would be applied to the live camera feed.

Now I've just gotta figure out how to get these effects to work well for
a live concert... :)

Hope you all enjoy it! My thanks to the LAU list for serving up such an
unending stream of information, inspiration, and ideas.

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