[LAU] Mixing on the command-line?

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Mon Feb 17 12:11:16 CET 2020

Hey hey Mario,
Feb 17 2020, Mario Lang has written:
> I am wondering, is there perhaps a better tool which could be used
> to get faster results?  In particular, I'd love to be able
> to save metdata for tracks, like *exact* BPM and time indices
> of certain interesting bars per track such that I could reuse them.
I dont know an application that can both recognise the tempo and add
that information. But... NNama - based on Ecasound - can approach your
You have track comments, which you could use to note the exact tempo.
For finding the tempo you can use bpm-tools - that's the Archlinux
package name - or aubio. I think the latter egven has an onset detection

As for marks: Nama can't set marks on a per track basis, but you can set
global marks in the project.

All this metadata is only available in the Nama project, so not encoded
into the actual audiofiles. Maybe one of the aubio or bpm-tools apps can
actually save some metadata into audiofiles beside mp3. bpm-tag
certainly does store the detected tempo inside an mp3 file.

I seem to recall a tool to read/write metadata specifically for simle
uncompressed formats like wave and aiff, but can't find anything helpful
on my system.

Does this help?

Best wishes,


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