[LAU] sound with Scarlett 3rd Gen device?

Iain Mott mott at escuta.org
Thu Jan 30 10:24:43 CET 2020

Dear Linux audio people,

I have a Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen interface which I'm trying to use on a 
recent Samsung laptop with Ubuntu 19.04.

The 3rd gen devices are apparently shipped in non-functional "MSD" mode, 
so I registered and activated the device using Windows 10 following the 
instructions on the Focusrite website. Tested it there with Ableton Live 
Lite (provided via registration of the device) and also Ardour. It works 
fine. To get it to work on Ardour it was necessary to use the ASIO 
driver in the Ardour audio configuration. I had removed ASIO4ALL before 
installing the Focusrite/Scarlett software as suggested, so perhaps this 
driver came with Focusrite install.

Now with the device apparently configured and the routing done in 
Windows using the Focusrite Control software (i thinks that's the name, 
I had selected output channels 1 and 2 to connect with the 
monitors/headphone jack), I returned to Linux. The Scarlett device is 
detected by lsusb, qjackctl and pavucontrol. Jack runs with no errors 
when the Scarlett is selected as the i/o device and all the correct 
channels appear in the Connect window. No sound however is heard through 
the phone jack, nor if i plug the phones directly in to the output jacks 
at the back. I tested using VLC configured for Jack output and also with 
pd -jack.

With jack turned off and with VLC audio out set to pulsaudio, I set the 
Scarlett 18i20 as the preferred device in pavucontrol. With VLC playing 
the output VU meter for the Scarlett is active in pavucontrol but there 
is still no sound coming out of the device itself.

Has anyone managed to get a 3rd generation Scarlett to work on Linux? 
Can anyone suggest please what I can do?



PS. i did see an unresolved thread on this list last year about a 3rd 
gen Scarlett. I'll send a message to the author to see if the problem 
was fixed.

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