[LAU] EeePC901

Martin Stepanek martin at lo-res.org
Mon Jul 13 08:03:14 CEST 2020

have been installing debian buster on a eeepc1000h after upgrading it 
with a ssd a couple of weeks ago. since i wanted to use i3 i quit the 
installation process at the point where they give you their options of 
window-managers and did the rest by hand. wifi didn-t work out of the 
box, but there is a howto for it:


sc3 via IDE or emacs starts up fine and makes the obligatory 
{SinOsc.ar}.play-"beep" successfully (have-nt done more with it on that 
machine though).

tidalcycles needs about 30% cpu-power even when idle, so rather unusable.

since firefox is *very* slow on this machine i use falkon.

thunderbird is also a bit slow, but if you-re patient it-s ok :)

it-s a pity that sc3 doesn-t work without window-manager, as for this 
machine running sc3 via emacs from the console would be perfect:


Am 13.07.20 um 01:04 schrieb Roger:
> On 13/7/20 5:45 am, Will Godfrey wrote:
>> Can anyone recommend a distro that still supports these well.
>> I had to d a reinstall a couple of years ago (debian) and although it 
>> was
>> never exactly quick before, it's been dog slow ever since :(
> I have a EeePC900 which ran sidux quite well back in 2008. It now has 
> AntiX on it which runs fine but the function keys don't work. That 
> could possibly be due to a cheap ebay replacement keyboard (the 
> original died completely) or the lack OS support. Years ago Debian had 
> 2 specific packages, eeepc-acpi-scripts and eee-control which used to 
> enable these but their most recent versions would not install.
> AntiX is pretty lightweight so is well worth trying.
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