[LAU] [ANN] MusE 3.1.1 released

Robert Jonsson spamatica at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 12:20:17 CEST 2020

Hello all,

This is mostly a bugfix release following 3.1. Links at the bottom.
A number of small and bigger bugs have been squashed (and probably a few

Here is a shortened list of changes since 3.1:
* Support midnam controllers (gmsynth.lv2 for example).
* Audio: Fixed bad feedback / pinned meters with muted tracks in play mode.
* Midi patch popup menu: Include patch number in the items' text.
* Fixed issue #830: Wave Editor: Copy-on-write always triggered. Error from
* Fixed issue #831: Compressed song files (.gz,.bz2): Blank song on load.
Error from 01.01.2020
* Fixed issue #790: Crash when dragging parts to blank area.
* Mixer strip shortcuts now configurable and work in both Arranger and Mixer
* Fix slider/meter groove misalignment in mixer strip.
* Midi controller graphs: Moved 'Add ctrl' button from bottom area to menu
and toolbar as well.
* Updated Simpledrums so it is possible to actually see the parameter
* Fix main window size/position issues upon startup
* Arranger: Removed the small toggle button for mixer strip display/hide
and cleaned up the layouts.
* Fix Qt 5.14 / 5.15 deprecations
* Many new customizing features implemented, internal colors, css
properties. New theme (Dark Flat) as a showcase.
* Midi Controller panel redesigned
* Fix regression at 06.04.2020: Can't connect Jack ports to audio
input/output tracks R chan.
* Added support for adjusting automation for Global structure cut/insert
* LV2: Fix plugins without 'programs extension' support: Send directly as
midi events.
    Fixes plugins like gmsynth.lv2, which have midnam support but no
programs extension support.
* New - PianoRoll Speaker button has two selectable modes, single note and
* New option in Global settings -> GUI tweaks to (not) keep transport
window on top
* Fix regression from 12.04.2019: Midi controller cache not proper after
loading song.
* Fixed 'drum ordering' bugs (drum notes order) after drag parts or
duplicate tracks.
* Added wave part extend beyond end of part if there is more wave file
* Enable multiple resizing in piano roll (#748)
* Enable CTRL+Left Mouse Click item selection in edit mode in piano roll
* Enable Right Mouse Click for exclusive single selection in edit
mode/piano roll
* Fix EditPaste cursor HiDPI issue in midi editors->controller views
* Fix tool cursor not changing in midi editors->controller views

For the complete list of changes see:

The homepage has moved and undergone a much needed refresh, check it out:


Demos page: https://github.com/muse-sequencer/muse/wiki/Demos

Forum: https://linuxmusicians.com/viewforum.php?f=61
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