[LAU] Raspberry PI and PISound

Edgar Aichinger edogawa at aon.at
Wed Jul 22 13:05:50 CEST 2020

Am Dienstag, 21. Juli 2020, 23:48:41 CEST schrieb worik:
> Is anybody out here in LAU land have experience with PISound?
> https://www.blokas.io/pisound/
> I have just bought one and am having quite sever teething problems with it.
> It keeps freezing for ~45 seconds when running X and I cannot get it to
> use the full display.

I have one since a year or so, including the custom case. My RPi is a Model 3+B. I remember a bit of fiddling to get the original drivers working, but other than that it has been a great experience so far. I've used it for recording the premixed handheld mics from the live mixer's aux sends, in order to later synchronize by hand and improve sound quality of the video camera mic made from a series of live discussions in my theater, here's a link to a page that embeds the first video with final sound mix: https://www.hamakom.at/zukunftsgespraech-1

This was done on a Raspbian Buster image with added pisound drivers, JACK and the usual realtime audio configuration, ardour 5 for recording, and ran all the 1,5 hours without an xrun at the (IIRC) default 128 f/p JACK setting. I just transferred the ardour session from the USB pendrive I had recorded to, to my laptop's HD, rendered the camera#s AVHCD video part files to a complete high quality mp4 file, imported that and and continued in ardour with the video timeline to sync the audio tracks and re-render the mp4.

I've also been playing at home with the older modep image as well as the more recent Patchbox OS and modep module, which also worked very well at low latency as a virtual "effect pedal"

Sorry, but I have no input to help with your issues.

> cheers
> Worik

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