[LAU] SoundTracker 1.0.1 released

Yury Alyaev mutab0r at rambler.ru
Wed Jul 29 19:55:37 CEST 2020

Hi all!

I have decided to release finally SoundTracker v1.0.1. Lacking feedback 
after the 1.0.1-pre1 release I had to spent enough time to test it 
thoroughly. During this testing, I have found and fixed numerous bugs. 
Now ST seems to be matured enough to be released.

You can download it here: 

1.0.1 release contains no new features compared to 1.0.1-pre1, it is the 
bugfixing release only. So its list of features is the same as for 


What is new in soundtracker-1.0.1 (29-Jul-2020):

* Improved mouse usage in the instrument editor (yaliaev)

* Indication of pressed keys in the instrument editor (yaliaev)

* Better look of the scopes (yaliaev)

* Record indicator in the sampling monitor (yaliaev)

* More configurable colors (yaliaev)

* Logarithmic scale of the amplification slider; numeric entry in 
addition to
   the slider; ability to determine the optimal amplification (yaliaev)

* Extended editor on the module info page with functions of exchanging and
   copying samples and instruments, mixing samples and tuning a sample using
   another one as a reference (yaliaev)

* Different selection modes in tracker, selection can be extended with SHIFT

* A new method of waveforms' drawing in the sample displays in addition to
   the existing one (yaliaev)

* Automatic file extension adding (optional) (yaliaev)

* More convenient keybindings; new keybindings are added (see README)

* Some more keys are made configurable including that for song / pattern
   playback (yaliaev)

* New playing modes are added: Playing selected block and Playng from 
   playback looping control (yaliaev)

* Facility for loading somewhat broken modules (yaliaev)

* Stepping volume / FX parameter with mouse wheel (yaliaev)

* Improved export to audio file (yaliaev)

* Volume column can be displayed like in FT2, with letters, mnemonics and
   optional decimal volume representation (yaliaev)

* Jack input driver (yaliaev)

* Improved live recording using PC keyboard: better key pressing / releasing
   times are recorded using FXes (yaliaev)

* Some other small improvements (GUI, usability) (yaliaev)

* Some bugfixes including the CPU overhead with graphics (yaliaev)

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