[LAU] Ambisonics microphone for Linux

Michael Jarosch riotsound at riotmusic.de
Wed Jun 24 23:39:18 CEST 2020


I'm looking for a ambisonics recording option for a theater project. I
would rent a microphone but it's my first ambisonics-project and I would
feel save if I can repeat a recording any time I want. These points are
on my list:

* First order ambisonics (guess, I can't afford anything else)
* not tooooo expensive (well, as cheap as it can be for an acceptable
* works with linux (I'm not learning another OS for that!)

Guess I haven't so much variety to choose from…

The microphones I know are:

* Sennheiser Ambeo VR Mic
* Zoom H3-VR
* Sound-Core Tetramic

The price for the Zoom is really pretty as there is also a mobile (!)
recorder coming with it, but I haven't heard any statement from anyone
if it's usable with linux. Same is true for the Sennheiser. And it's
expensive. But maybe they're selling lots of units as the manufacturer
is well known for its decent quality and I can get a good price on the
second hand market.

So, there's the Tetramic left. I know, there are Linux tools for it,
which are just working. But I don't know, where to buy it in germany…

Maybe Fons' TetraProc can also be used with other microphones? If yes:
Any suggestions for another mic?


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